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Why Legentis

Legentis was formed to respond to an increasing demand from legal and financial clients for a fresh approach to specialist translation services - that of a partner who could be relied upon as an extension of their internal departments not only to deliver the highest quality, but ultimately to save time and unnecessary cost on subsequent revision and correction.


Our in-house linguists and established network of approximately 650 externally accredited translators are carefully monitored according to their qualifications in the legal or financial fields, further compounded by sector specific expertise, such as oil & gas, construction, environmental or shipping & maritime law.


We place a huge amount of emphasis on supporting our clients through excellent sector know-how, project management, and proactive client follow up.


The word “legentis” is derived from Latin, meaning “the reader. A key part of any linguist's toolkit. More importantly, our overiding mission is to ensure that you, the final recipient and reader, will benefit from a smooth and efficient translation process, with quality and client service at the forefront of our endeavours. 


We believe that the ability to deliver high quality translations, in seemingly impossible timeframes, requires passion, dedication and talent. Throughout the organisation, Legentis works hard to implement a culture of listening to, and fully understanding our clients’ individual needs; only then are we truly able to provide a tailored and value-added service.


Our values are not shared solely by our in-house teams, but communicated to all global partners with whom we work.

The majority of our translators are current or former law or banking professionals, qualified across jurisdictions, and all too aware of the acute time restraints which our clients are under.


We do not seek to retain the largest number of translators; on the contrary, our belief in quality over quantity extends to selecting an elite network of linguists who pride themselves in being masters of their chosen subject areas, from litigation and dispute resolution, corporate finance and insurance to everything in between.


Speed and quality should not necessarily result in higher cost. By working with sophisticated translation memories and validated glossaries, Legentis is equipped to respond rapidly to new or ongoing casework without the need to implement urgency fees typically seen in this sector.


Our dedicated translator teams are activated at a moment’s notice, to divide and prioritise workflow and deliver harmonised translations in the shortest available turnaround times.

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