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Quality Control


Legentis adheres to the strictest quality assurance practices, from the selection and retention of our translators, our sophisticated project management systems, how we approach client service and communication, or the manner in which your confidential documents are processed.


The majority of our legal and financial translators at Legentis are current or former law or banking professionals - in addition they meet the following criteria:


  • hold a translation degree or equivalent qualification from a first class University or School of Modern Languages


  • have at least 4 years (junior translator) or 6 years (senior editor & team leader) experience in a specialist subject area such as litigation, intellectual property, patent law or corporate finance


  • translate solely into mother tongue and undergo rigourous selection and evaluation to define their areas of specialisation. This also enables us to monitor ongoing performance and help in the creation of client-specific teams


  • are members of an accredited industry body, such as the CIOL, ITI, FIT or AIIC.

We believe that our quality control procedures and meticulous attention to detail are unique aspects which set us apart from other translation firms.


Coupled with close account management and client service principles, Legentis will always be on hand to find the right solution for your most complex and pressing assignments.

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