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Built on the fundamental values of precision, quality and service, Legentis has become a trusted partner in delivering time-critical translation and interpreting services to the legal, financial and corporate sectors.

Based in London with dedicated translation teams across the globe, we have positioned ourselves alongside the leading law firms and financial institutions, to be there when it matters most to them, day and night.


From the overnight translation of arbitration documents or the updating of a merger agreement in real time, to the localisation of a multinational website, Legentis has been there many times before - we know how best to bring together our specialist translators, project managers and frontline staff to work with you as a close team, whatever the deadline.

We understand that our clients do not always have clear visibility on their incoming work schedules, particularly in complex legal or cross-border dealings. Our project management systems are geared to accommodate your evolving requirements and to find bespoke solutions for each and every situation.


We actively embrace these challenges, driven by the values of quality and service which run through all levels of our organisation.

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